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Evergreen  knows that dryer vent cleaning is the most important factor in keeping your dryer running as good as it did when you first bought it. Chances are you don’t even look at your dryer’s vents or you don’t even know where they are or what it really does. It is actually a hidden danger spot for most homes and business places, as neglecting to clean your dryer vents can come back to haunt you. Call Evergreen   of Simi Valley for assistance if you are unsure of what to do.

When to Clean Dryer Vents

These are the warning signs which indicate that dangerous lint has built up in your dryer and vent system. Maybe you find one symptom or maybe more than one that has been showing up over time. It depends upon the amount of blockage and the type of dryer you have.

You may need dryer vent cleaning services from Evergreen of Simi Valley if you notice any of the following
* Clothes take longer and longer to dry. For example, if your dryer take over 50 min per cycle.
* Smelling a slight burning smell in the laundry room
* Laundry room becomes more humid than before.
* Clothes don’t dry fully; they are still wet after the normal number of cycles.
* Water in the transition tube connecting the dryer.
* A musty smell on your clothing.
* Excessive lint on dark colored clothes.

Danger of Not Cleaning Dryer Vents

Dryer vents with a lot of elbows are the worst culprits and can trap more lint in them. Most vents need cleaning after every couple of years. Protect your home or business by calling Evergreen. Evergreen will remove the built up of lint which is easily flammable. Dryer fires are becoming more prevalent and all evidence point to lack of maintenance. A dryer fire could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage as well as a lot of inconvenience. Evergreen of Simi Valley would not want this to happen to you, so they implore you to make dryer vent maintenance a part of your routine.

Residents of Simi Valley, if you wish to protect your home or business, just call Evergreen. Their experience team will provide all the technical support and maintenance you need to get your dryer vents clean.